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BFunkyMobility Walking Canes

Jelly Fish Fractal Folding Walking Cane

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  • Walk with security and ease -Locks in place to provide extra stability while walking on any surface.
  • Digital HD Artwork is placed on upper part of cane only, U.V. protected
  • Its compact design easily fits into a purse, briefcase, carry-on or wheelchair bag when collapsed.
  • Adjusts in one inch increments and will let you choose your best cane height from 33” to 37”
  •  Built in cane strap and handle design reduces hand fatigue, prevents muscle cramping and relieves pressure on the wrist
  • Additional traction at the base with removable slip-resistant rubber tip provides extra stability on slippery surfaces
  • Perfect for travel -The lightweight and collapsible cane includes handy storage strap and bag