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B Funky Mobility

Ultimate Custom Offset Walking Cane w Quad Tip

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BFunkyMobility has created thousands of customized personalized walking canes for classy individuals since 2010 and we can create ANYTHING you have in mind.

  • Sport logos for college alumni including large major teams
  • Photos sent to us and put on your walking cane including pets, grandchildren or travel
  • Risque ones ...yeah there are a few of those individuals (we find them interesting in fact)
  • Military insignia with branch logos
  • Cartoon and comic book characters
  • The list is never ending...

Here is how it works:  You check out with the "Style" of cane you want, once we get notice you paid, we will send out an email. Send a response with the photo, phrase, logo, or artwork you want, and we will send you an image of what we "mock up" for you.  You look at that image and critique it, a yes or no will do.  We will work to create the perfect piece of artwork that will make you a star!

The process is simple, we work fast and most instances (granted you are not impossible to work with) we can ship that cane in less than 10 days!

T handle or offsets all support up to 300 lbs, quality constructed and all have our patented copyrighted design.  Oh and all are self adjustable from as low as 29" to as high as 38" with a simple "click" of a button.